”This is the book I would take with me on a desert island. ‘The History of Seafaring', published both in Finnish and in English by the John Nurminen Foundation, is the best that money can buy: a wonderfully illustrated magnum opus by authors who know their subject matter through and through.”


Tuukka Perhoniemi, journalist, Tiede magazine

”Juha is an ardent defender of the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea; for him, it is a real passion. I appreciate deeds more than words, and am therefore very impressed with the concrete way in which he has committed himself to a clean Baltic Sea.”


Sari Baldauf, professional board member

"An encounter with a manta ray is an awe-inspiring experience.”


Juha Nurminen, underwater photographer

"’The Juha Nurminen collection is one of the largest private collections anywhere, containing very rare and important world maps of global significance."


Jonathan Potter, antique map expert, London



Juha Nurminen, Maritime Counsellor is a fourth-generation family entrepreneur. The roots of John Nurminen Oy are in the city of Rauma, where the company was founded in 1886.

The John Nurminen Foundation, established upon the initiative of Juha, engages in impactful work promoting culture and the environment. For his lifetime achievements, Juha has been granted various honorary medals, prizes and awards, such as the State Award for Public Information in 2008.



  • The young ambassadors of the Baltic Sea

    An island full of history and unparalleled nature The Örö fortress island shelters a great deal of history, horrific tales from the past, and also extraordinary nature. Humans have shaped the landscape, though, at the same time creating habitats for various species. This island where the nature and culture of the Baltic Sea meet was,

  • Tilanjoki catchment area plan aims for a 25 percent reduction in the phosphorus load from forestry

    VALVE Forest Project creates a catchment area plan for the Tilanjoki river The Tilanjoki river catchment area is the pilot site for the joint project of the John Nurminen Foundation and Metsähallitus, aiming to promote waterway-friendly forestry on peatland, and, with the same effort, to reduce the nutrient load that ends up in the Baltic